About Us

Currently available only in the United States.

About Janelle 

Janelle lost her husband Sean on 1/28/18 after a 24 day valiant fight from an aortic dissection and massive stroke. The past several years have been about rebuilding and trying to help her kids process through their grief. Using a dating app she has been reconnected and fallen in love again with her Jr High classmate, Rob. Connection and support from other widows/widowers has been the biggest help she has found in the grief process. Janelle’s greatest hope for WidsConnect is that everyone finds that here!

About Angelia

Angie has moved twice following the loss of her husband Chad, July 2018 shortly after his 40th birthday. During the first few months of loss Angie was connected with fellow widows in her community that helped guide her down the beginning stages of grief. She continues living through their example by reaching out to help newly widowed people and connecting them with support groups online and in their areas. She continues to Moderate and Support online groups. Her hope is to help widows/widowers create local connections!

About Janelle & Angie

Janelle and Angie met through online support groups and quickly became best friends and widsters. They had so much in common including a birthday. One year later without ever meeting in person, they created WidsConnect after hearing regularly from other widow/widowers we need our own app. Through hard work and perseverance they have finally been able to share this app with you.